Clients Will Look Up Your Contractor License – Be Prepared!

Maybe you just realized your contractor license is past expiration, but you’re still completing a job. Maybe you’re taking on odd jobs here or there and the classification of your contractor license doesn’t actually cover that category of work. Maybe you’re just curious — Will the people who hire you check up on the validity of your license? Can they even check?

Yes. Clients can and will check to ensure that their contractors and their licenses are in good standing – and why wouldn’t they? Wouldn’t you do your due diligence if you were spending thousands on a new home or millions on an office?

Your clients will 100% check your license, so you need to be prepared to keep your license up-to-date…or failing that, do what you can to fix it. Here’s how.

Keep Your Contractor License Current…Or Else!

One of the first things your clients will do while hiring you is to check the validity and current status of your contractor’s license.

The client is looking for certainty and safety. They want to know that the significant money they are investing into their construction project is going to be put to good use by someone who knows what they’re doing.

In their minds, the outcome of their construction project depends on you and the entire contractor team being fit to work and in good legal standing with the state of California. Not only are they looking to make sure that you’ll deliver a good product, but they also want to know that they’ll be safe living and working in the house you built – two things that are verified by a license.

Not having a valid license will not only scare away potential clients who would much rather go with someone legitimate and licensed, but it will also lead to severe criminal penalties should you take on jobs over $500 without a license.

The state of California does not mess around when it comes to unlicensed contracting. Get a license, or don’t even think about doing construction. It’s that simple.

Anyone Can Check Your Contractor License On The CSLB Website

You can always count on clients visiting the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) website to check the status of your license. And it makes sense too, doesn’t it?

With the CSLB being the governing body responsible for issuing and regulating whatever contractor licenses you hold, they’re likely the first and only place someone might think to search for and verify the documents you hold indicating that you’re eligible for contractor work.

Since anyone can and will check your license at any time, thanks to the magnificence of the internet, it’s more important than ever to maintain your license and make sure you’re in good standing with the CSLB.

What Do Clients Check to Decide if You’re a Safe Choice?

Clients will always do their diligence when it comes to construction projects. If that’s surprising to you, you might consider another field of work.

People will naturally want to make sure the hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, or hundreds of millions of dollars they’re investing in their construction project are being invested wisely and carefully.

Here’s the 5 main things they’ll look for.

  • Your Contractor License Number
    Your business card, website, wherever you advertise your services, or even your licensing documents themselves are a few places from where a person hiring you will grab your license number. Once they have that info, they will run a check on the CSLB website to see if you’re legit.
  • Previous Work
    One of the most obvious things that clients will look at when validating your qualifications is your previous work – especially previous work that is similar to their current project.
  • References
    Contractors – and people in general – first look to references from people they know and trust. As you grow your career, your network and references will grow, creating more opportunities and building your reputation in your niche.
  • Website
    A professional website is essential to creating a positive, professional impression on your potential client. There’s no excuse to not have a simple, beautiful website in 2024. Sure, it’s easier to not set up a website, but you’re just leaving money on the table.
  • Social Media
    The folks hiring you want to know that you have valid worker’s compensation insurance coverage. They’ll want to be sure that they are not liable in case of injuries to you or your employees while you complete their construction projects.
  • Reviews
    Of course, they’ll want to check reviews and the personal testimony of previous clients. How did you do? How was your rapport? Clients work to gather insights and impressions to get a sense of what it might be like to work with you.


Verifying the validity and current status of your California contractor’s license is often a client’s first step toward building trust in you and your work.

While it can be tough to keep renewing licenses and applying for additional licenses depending on the nature of your construction projects, it’s worth it if it means retaining clients and maintaining your reputation as a reliable and capable contractor.

As a contractor, your reputation is everything, and like it or not, a valid contractor license in good standing with the CSLB can make or break your reputation immediately.

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