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Fictitious Business Name (DBA or "Doing Business As")

What is a DBA?
A fictitious Business name, also known as a DBA (Doing Business As"), is used when operating your company under a name other than your actual name. If you want to call your business "All Plumbing Services" rather than using your personal name as Sam Jones Plumbing", you will need to file a DBA.

What a DBA is not…
A DBA is not a business license or trademark. You will still need to file a business license with the county and unlike a trademark a DBA will not protect the exclusive use of your business name outside of your county.

Who Needs a DBA?
A DBA must be registered with the county clerk of the county of the registrant's principal place of business if the business is any of the following:

  1. Sole proprietorship doing business under a name not containing the owner's surname;
  2. Partnership; or
  3. Corporation doing business under a name other than its legal name

What are the advantages of having a DBA?
The most important advantage of having a DBA is the ability to open a separate bank account in the name of your business. Without a DBA it is nearly impossible to open up a business account under your business name. Also filing a DBA will help to protect the exclusive use of your business name within that county.
There may also be advertising benefits to using a DBA, for instance "All Plumbing Services" provides an image that you offer a comprehensive line of services to your clients.
If you use your personal name in your business name the public will associate your name with the business. A DBA can help to protect your personal reputation if your business should run into legal trouble or for some reason gets a bad reputation.

How long does a DBA last?
A DBA life varies county by county but the average filling lasts 5 years.
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