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CSLS On-Line License Exam Preparation

Our Online Exam Preparation Course is a combination of our Live Instruction courses paired up with the convenience of our Home Study program. The Online class is conducted live on the Internet, using video and teleconference via our online CSLS Training center. It allows for questions and interaction with the instructor, just like being physically in the classroom. The material covered is the same high caliber as offered at our CSLS school locations, but concentrated over four evening sessions taken over a two week period. Each seminar is recorded, allowing you to review the class again or to make-up for a class that you may have missed.
The program includes:

Four, 2-hour Live Online Seminar Sessions

Just like our In-School Program, the content will cover the following topics that are critical to the success of passing your Contractor’s Exam.

  • Laws & Rules Governing California State Contractors’ Licenses
  • Contracts & Dispute Resolution: Mechanics’ Liens
  • Employee Relations: Labor Law and Safety Codes
  • Business Practices & Management

Home Study Materials (Text & CDs)
Along with the Online Seminar sessions you will receive our exclusive home-study material. CSLS home-study materials are clearly and concisely organized into sections on law, business, and trade. Our practice exams, reading material, diagrams, schematics, blueprints and audio CD’s emphasize learning that you can begin to apply on the job from day one!

Online Practice Testing
Practice testing prepares you for the exam process and allows you to track your understanding of the material and process of examination. After each class session you will be directed to our online testing center where you will have an opportunity to test yourself on the material that has been covered. (Subscriptions of additional practice questions are also available for purchase through our website CLICK HERE TO VIEW DEMO.

CSLS Signature Business Law & Trade “Crash Course” conducted at CSLS school locations statewide
As part of the Online Exam Preparation Program you will also be scheduled for the CSLS law and trade crash course which is conducted at CSLS school locations statewide. The CSLS crash course is recognized statewide and offers live instruction and open study hours of focused preparation. The timing and content of the crash course prepares you to successfully take your state exam by refreshing your memory and sharpening your recall just prior to your scheduled exam.  The crash course features self-study exam practice questions similar to recent state administered questions on law, business, math, and trade. During the crash course, a final exam is given to assess your strengths and weaknesses and provide guidance in needed areas of study to better prepare you to pass the state exam.

Application Processing
Trained and experienced professionals work with you through California’s application process, completing an accurate, professional looking application and sending it to the Contractors State License Board. Getting it right the first time helps you secure a quick test date without costly red tape, delays and hassles resulting from incorrect paperwork.

Program Requirements
Minimum technical requirements for the Online License Exam Preparation program include an active email account, a hi-speed Internet connection, and a telephone to call toll-free into the class. Students must also be able to schedule at least two hours of uninterrupted computer/telephone time for the class sessions. Contact us with any questions your may have regarding technical requirements.

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