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Helping Our Community & Friends

Contractors State License Services is proud to announce the John Baker Scholarship.  We believe in serving the California Construction community by providing license examination prep.  Our ongoing commitment to our students and to further education continues to be a high priority for CSLS.  Scholarships are awarded on various criteria reflecting the values of our organization. “Given the economic times it is important to give back in any way that we can.”, says Susan Ishii, General Manager   In doing so we have assisted a number of students not only earn their Contractors License but help reduce the burden of tuition. The Scholarship includes choice of one program valued at $899. This gives students access to over 25 school locations, materials, as well as seminars.

Meet a few of our Scholarship recipients  http://www.makemeacontractor.com/contractor-scholarship.cfm

Or Learn how to participate in our scholarship offerings by visiting  http://www.makemeacontractor.com/free-contractors-scholarship.cfm[slideshow]